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Winning Percentage Calculator

Winning Percentage Calculator

Definition: A winning percentage is used in sports as the percentage of games/ matches won by a team. Draws are counted as 1/2 a win.

A winning percentage is important in any sport, let's take basketball, for example, only the top 8 teams in the western and eastern conference get to the playoffs and to do this they must have a good winning percentage. In baseball, a pitcher has his own winning percentage based on his win-loss record and for soccer generally, a manager is judged on their winning percentage. You can also use this calculator to calculate your winning percentage in gaming, such as calculating your winning percentage in call of duty

A winning percentage can also be used in video games such as Starcraft 2 and league of legends, people use the winning percentage to see how good a team or player is. If you'd like to see how good of a season a team or a player has had, their winning percentage is a good indicator.

Not all sports use winning percentage another method that is used in basketball and baseball is Games behind also know as games back (GB). We have a Games back calculator that you can use.

Whereas other leagues such as the Premier League use a points percentage system, where a win is equal to 3 points, a draw is 1 point and a loss is 0. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Winning Percentage Formula with draws: (wins +(0.5 x draws))/total games

Winning Percentage Formula without draws: wins/total games

How to calculate winning percentage

Example 1:
  • A basketball team finished the season with 60 wins out of 82 games
  • In basketball a tie is not possible as it will keep going to overtime until one team wins,therefore we will not have any draws in this example
  • Therefore to calculate their winning percentage we use the Winning Percentage Formula without draws: 60/82 = 0.7317
  • We then multiply the result by a 100: 0.7317 X 100 = 73.17
  • Their winning percentage for the season was 73.17 percent
Example 2:
  • Football team who won 10 of their 16 games and tied 2 out of 16 games
  • Calculate the winning percentage we use the Winning Percentage Formula with draws: (10 + (0.5 x 2)) / 16 = 0.6875
  • We then multiply by a hundred : 0.6875 X 100 = 68.75
  • 68.75 is the winning percentage for the season
Example 3:
  • In Battlefield, our career wins are 345 and losses are 97
  • We want to calculate our win percentage in battlefield
  • We first need the total games wins + loses: 345 + 97 = 442
  • We use the formula without draws: 345/442 = 0.7805
  • Then multiply by a hundred: 0.7805 X 100 = 78.05
  • 78.05 is our winning percentage in battlefield
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