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Definition: In the US and Canada Games back or Games behind is used to show the gap between the top team and another team in the sports league, conference or division.

When using games back, the team in first place is always 0 games behind and any team below them is games behind them. An example is if the Golden State Warriors are in first position and the San Antonio Spurs are 2 games behind, for the Spurs to catch up and tie with the warriors, they would have to win the next 2 games while the warriors would have to lose their next 2 games.

It is possible for a team with the most wins to not be in first position if team A has 54 wins and 15 loses but team B has 53 wins and 12 loses, team B is in front as Team A is 1/2 game behind.

Generally, Games back is used in baseball and basketball, if you google a conference or division in the NBA, you'll see the GB column. Usually, the standings are made on winning percentage and the GB column will show the number of games behind the leading team.

We also have a winning percentage calculator where you can calculate your teams winning percentage.

Games Back Formula:((Team A wins - Team B wins) + (Team B losses - Team A losses))/2

How To calculate Games Back

Team A has 62 wins and 10 loses while Team B has 55 wins and 12 loses.

Using the formula above:[(62 - 55) + (12 - 10)]/2 = 4.5.
Team B is 4.5 Games behind Team A.

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Games Back Calculator