How to Use Semester Grade Calculator

Enter your grade for first quarter and how much it is worth of your overall grade.

Repeat these steps for the 2nd quarter and final exam

Then Press Calculate .

Semester Grade Calculator

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Semester Grade Calculator

Exams can be stressful enough without having to calculate what your grade is for the semester, this calculator will calculate your semester grade for a course/class and show you how to calculate your semester grade.

Generally Professors will have different ways of determining your grade. Some categories are Assignments, tests/quizzes, group projects, presentations, class attendance and of course the final exam. It is important to know how much percentage each category is worth as we will need this to calculate your grade for the semester. Check your syllabus to find out the percentage breakdown for your final grade.

Formula: First Quarter Grade x (Overall percentage worth/100) + (Second Quarter Grade x Overall Percentage Worth/100) + (Final Grade x Overall Percentage Worth/100)

How to calculate weighted grade average

For the first quarter of your semester you may have had 2 assignments, therefore we need to calculate your weighted grade for the first quarter, lets use an example.

One assignment was worth 15 percent of your overall grade and you got 80 percent on it while the other assignment was worth 10 percent of your grade and you got 70 percent on it. With this we can calculate your weighted grade and your first quarter grade.

First quarter grade:(70 x 10/100) + (80 x 15/100) = 19.

Add each assignments worth 15+10 = 25

For the first quarter we got 19/25 = 76% of the total marks. Grade Percentage is 76 with it being worth 25 percent of the overall grade

If you would like to find out how much you need in your final exam to reach a overall grade try final exam calculator.

How to calculate your Semester Grade

To calculate the semester grade we repeat the steps above for the second quarter and final exam. We have already done the first quarter, for the second quarter we had a midterm that was worth 30 percent of the overall grade and we got 60% in it, there were no other exams or marks given out for the second quarter, no calculation needed this time.

In the final exam we got 70 percent, the exam was worth 45% of the over all mark. With all of this we can calculate our semester grade. Using the formula above, plug in the values.

(76 x 25/100) + (60 x 30/100) + (70 x 45/100) = 68.5%

68.6 percent is our semester grade