Stride Length Calculator

Your stride length is measured from heel to heel, it is used to calculate how far you walk with each step. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, there are 2,000 steps in a mile and the average step length is 2.6 feet (31 inches). The average stride length (2 steps) is around 5 feet (62 inches).

Generally, people with longer legs have a longer stride then people with shorter legs. Knowing your stride length lets you know how far you'll walk in any given amount of steps.

To calculate your stride length we need a distance and how many steps it took. We then get the average stride length. When walking try to walk at your normal pace. The longer the distance measured the more accurate the calculation will be. You can also run a specific distance and count how many running steps it took.

Here are some methods to help increase stride length.

  • Strength training exercises
    • The more muscle in your legs the, the more power you have. Giving you an extra burst.
    • Squats, calf raises, leg curls, leg extensions are some exercises that help.
    • Running with resistance bands
  • Running on hills or inclined treadmill
    • It causes you to increase the movement of your knees and arms
    • This forces you to hyper extend your legs, which in turn forces you to practice running with a longer stride

Stride Length formula:Distance/steps

How to calculate stride length

Example 1:
  • Let's walk 10 steps.
  • Measure the distance from where you started walking and where you stopped.
  • The distance is 310 inches.
  • We now divide the distance by steps: 310/10 = 31
  • The average stride length is 31 inches (2.58 feet)
Example 2:
  • Now Lets walk 30 steps.
  • Again measure the distance.
  • The distance is 916 inches.
  • Now we divide the distance by steps: 916/30 = 30.53
  • The average stride length is 30.53 inches (2.54 feet)
Example 3:
  • We run for 100 steps
  • The distance is 263 feet
  • We now divide distance by steps: 263/100 = 2.63
  • The average stide length is 2.63 feet (31.56 inches)

How to Use Stride Length Calculator

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Stride Length Calculator