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Winning Percentage Calculator

How to calculate winning percentage

Winning Percentage Formula with draws: (wins +(0.5 x draws))/total games

Winning Percentage Formula without draws: wins/total games

Example 1:
  • A basketball team finished the season with 60 wins out of 82 games
  • In basketball a tie is not possible as it will keep going to overtime until one team wins,therefore we will not have any draws in this example
  • Therefore to calculate their winning percentage we use the Winning Percentage Formula without draws: 60/82 = 0.7317
  • We then multiply the result by a 100: 0.7317 X 100 = 73.17
  • Their winning percentage for the season was 73.17 percent
Example 2:
  • Football team who won 10 of their 16 games and tied 2 out of 16 games
  • Calculate the winning percentage we use the Winning Percentage Formula with draws: (10 + (0.5 x 2)) / 16 = 0.6875
  • We then multiply by a hundred : 0.6875 X 100 = 68.75
  • 68.75 is the winning percentage for the season
Example 3:
  • In Battlefield, our career wins are 345 and losses are 97
  • We want to calculate our win percentage in battlefield
  • We first need the total games wins + loses: 345 + 97 = 442
  • We use the formula without draws: 345/442 = 0.7805
  • Then multiply by a hundred: 0.7805 X 100 = 78.05
  • 78.05 is our winning percentage in battlefield
Winning percentages
Wins Draws total Games Winning Percentage % Wins Draws total Games Winning Percentage %

Definition: A winning percentage is used in sports as the percentage of games/ matches won by a team. Draws are counted as 1/2 a win.

A winning percentage is important in sport to compare the record of two teams. People use the winning percentage to see how good of a season a team or player has had and the likelihood they will qualify for finals. Businesses and sport managers on the other hand take the statistics and evaluate the correlation of contributing factors for their players/team’s winning percentage, and effectively make financial decisions based on the best way to make their team/player most profitable.

There are several applications in which the winning percentage is calculated in sport. In a team sport, like basketball, the winning percentage is calculated by wins (plus ties, if applicable) over the total numbers of games played. If a team’s season wins were 30 and their losses were 17, their winning percentage would be 63.8%.

In baseball, a pitcher is analyzed by his own individual statistic of winning percentage based on his win-loss record. For soccer however, the manager can be judged on their winning percentage, taking the total wins divided by total games, and quoted as a percentage.

Not all sports use winning percentage. Another method to assess teams is called Games Behind (GB). Often used in basketball and baseball, GB calculations determine the gap between the leading and following team in sports. It is useful for sport leagues where ties are not permitted or rare. We have a Games back calculator that you can use.

Other leagues such as the Premier League use a points percentage system, where a win is equal to 3 points, a draw is 1 point and a loss is 0. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Should there be an even number of points between two teams; the winner is determined by goal difference. If a tie between the two former exists, the number of goals scored will be the tie breaker. In the event that two or more teams level on all three precedents, and a championship is at stake, they will play off to decide which teams finishes first.

You can also use this calculator to calculate your winning percentage in gaming (i.e Call of Duty, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends) by taking your total wins over deaths, divided by total plays.