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Pea Gravel is often used as a decorative ground cover. These pea-sized stones are used by many to decorate their property as it has many practical uses along side its decorative features.

Benefits of using Pea Gravel:

  • Very Smooth texture and natural coloration.
  • Easy to do yourself and inexpensive.
  • If it rains, it wont become muddy and lasts longer than organic mulch.
  • Pea Gravel suppresses weed growth.
  • Easy to maintain, occasionally you'll need to rack the stones back into place
  • Easy to walk on compared to its counterparts
  • Rodents can't dig through pea gravel
  • Water doesn't run off its surface, instead it soaks right into the ground because of this it does not need to be graded on a slight incline

There are many Use Cases for Pea Gravel:

  • Driveways
    • Driveways often use pea gravel as it prevents the driveway from becoming muddy, thus creating an improved driveway. Be sure to have at least 4-6 inches.
  • Aquariums
    • it is not uncommon to see pea gravel used instead of pebbles at the bottom of an aquarium.
  • Garden Walkways/Patio
    • Easy to install, can be done yourself. Many people enjoy walking on the gravel walkway and find the sound relaxing. Again be sure to have 4-6 inches of gravel
  • Drainage
    • When installing pipes Pea gravel is pretty much a standard material.

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Pea Gravel Calculator


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