Sod calculator

Sod is grass and part of the soil beneath it held together by its roots or sometimes held together by a thin layer of biodegradable material, it is generally used for landscaping.

Some of the benefits of Sod are:

  • Releases oxygen and cools the air
  • Fast and easy to build a lawn (Can be ready in 3 weeks)
  • Can be installed anytime as long as the ground is not frozen
  • Can help prevent flooding in the area, as it helps drain the water
  • Avoids soil erosion

Sod Is generally used in these places.
  • Lawns of buildings such as homes,schools and businesses
  • Golf Courses
  • Sports stadiums and pitches
Sod is generally grown on specialist farms and they are also usually close to the desired market within a 100 miles to avoid the cost of transport and damaging the sod on the trip. The time it takes to grow and harvest sod is around 10-18 months depending on the climate. It is then harvested with specialized equipment, sod is usually harvested in a square or rectangular shape.

How to calculate how much sod you need

With a tape ,Measure the area in which you would like to lay sod, areas can be measured in squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. You can measure each shape separately and we will sum up the total amount of sod rolls needed.

Example 1: Rectangle Area
  • We measure a neighbors lawn, the lawn is a complete rectangle
  • The width of the lawn is 20ft and length is 15ft
  • We multiply the length by width: 20 X 15 = 300 Square feet
  • We need 300 square feet of sod for the lawn
  • Therefore if our sod rolls are 9 feet (300/9) we need 34 rolls
Example 2: Circle Area
  • We have another lawn but this one is shaped in a circle
  • We need to find the radius of the circle
  • Once the radius is known, use the formula of 3.14 X (radius X Radius>
  • Our radius is 11, 3.14 X (11 X 11) = 379.94 Square feet
  • 379.94 square feet of sod is needed
  • We divide 379.94 square feet by our sod roll size: 379.94/9 = 43 sod rolls needed
Example 3: Triangle Area
  • There is a side of a lawn shaped as a triangle
  • We measure width and length and then divide by 2
  • The length is 15, width 10: (10 X 15)/2 = 75 square yards needs of sod
  • 75/9 = 9 rolls of sod are needed

How to Use Sod calculator

Enter the measurements in feet for each shape according to your needs

For this calculator we will be assuming each roll of sod is 9 feet.

Sod calculator