Tip Calculator

The Service industry relies heavily on tips as their minimum wage is often less then the minimum wage for other workers. For Example in Florida employers can pay tipped employees as little as 5.08 USD an hour in 2017 while the minimum for non tipped workers is 8.10 USD per hour.

Some examples of jobs where people generally get gratuity

  • Bartender
  • Server
  • Hairdresser/Barber
  • Taxi Driver
  • Pizza/Food delivery
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Host/Hostess
  • Tour Guide
  • Ski Instructor
  • Beautician
  • Driving Instructor
Having said that, remember that giving a tip is not mandatory, if the service is not to your liking you are free to tip as much as you want to give. Often the normal tip percentage is 15%in a restaurant for good service, 20% being a very good tip for excellent service.

With this calculator, you can split the tip between people and see your total bill +tip and the amount owed by each person minus the tip.

How to calculate a tip

  • Bill is a 100 dollars between 4 people
  • Right now each person owes 100/4 = $25
  • Lets add a 20% tip as the bartender was top notch, the total bill is now $120
  • With the bill added each person owes 120/4 = $30

How to Use

Enter The bill amount.

Enter the Percentage you'd like to tip.

Pick how many people the tip is split between with the default being 1.

Tip Calculator