Timber Calculator

One of the key things to know is to understand the thickness of hardwood and the measurements. If the measurements are off it can cost you more money!

  • 2/4 = .50 inches in thickness
  • 3/4 = .75 inches in thickness
  • 6/4 = 1.5 inches in thickness
A lot of places sell lumber by the board foot, a board foot is a unit of measurement for lumber. It is not as confusing as it sounds as the 3 measurements you need to know are the thickness of wood in inches, width in inches length in feet or inches.

The Formula used is: (length x width x thickness)/144

How to Use Timber Calculator

First enter The thickness of wood in inches

Enter the width of the wood in inches

Enter the length in either Feet or inches, it will do the conversion automatically to show you the length in Inches and Feet

Once everything is filled in press calculate to find the total board feet!

Timber Calculator