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Repeat these steps for the 2nd quarter and final exam

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Semester Grade Calculator

How to calculate your Semester Grade

Semester Grade Formula: First Quarter Grade x (Overall percentage worth/100) + (Second Quarter Grade x Overall Percentage Worth/100) + (Final Grade x Overall Percentage Worth/100)

Your semester grade average can be calculated based on how your professor weighs your performance in their class. They may use a percentage grade system, a points system, a letter grade or a weighted points system. This information should be made available to you from your professor either at orientation or disclosed in your syllabus.

To determine your final grade, identify the average of all areas that your professor has designed to be calculated as part of your final semester grade. This may include test grades, quizzes, homework assignments, mid-terms, final exams and class participation. Note that at times class participation scores may be held until the end at your professor’s discretion and may not be applicable.

To find the average of your work in an individual area, we’ll look at the following example. Say we had a midterm that was worth 30 percent of the overall grade and we got 60% in it, we convert the 30 percent worth over 100 (to get 0.3) and multiply it with your grade of 60% = 60% x 0.3 to get the final percentage weight of 18%.Therefore you obtained 18% out of 30% for you're final grade. Repeat this process with all your calculated averages and add together the final percentage of each to find your final grade.

Example 1:

  • Use the formula above for the 1st quarter
  • You obtained 76% and the overall percentage was worth 25
    • (76 x 25/100) = 19%, we have a total of 19% out of 25% so far
  • For the second quarter, you had midterms, you got 60% and it was worth 30% of your semester grade
    • (60 x 30/100) = 18%, a total of 18% out of 30%.
  • In the final exam, you got 70% and the exam was weighted at 45%
    • (70 x 45/100) = 31.5% out of 40%.
  • We no add them all together, (76 x 25/100) + (60 x 30/100) + (70 x 45/100) = 68.5%
  • You're Semester grade is 68.6%

How to calculate weighted grade average

Professors assign different significance to different assignments, tasks or tests in your class, as expressed by their weight percentage in your overall grade average.

To find your weighted average grade in the class, determine the value of each assignment in its percentage (to be expressed as a decimal) and multiply your grade for each. The assigned weight should total 1. If not and there are still remaining assignments and tests to be completed, divide your sum by the total of assigned weights to determine your weight average grade so far in the semester.

If one assignment was worth 15 percent of your overall grade and you got 80 percent on it while another assignment was worth 10 percent of your grade and you got 70 percent on it. Convert the weight expressed as a percentage by dividing 100 to find its decimal equivalent. In this case, divide your first assignment’s worth by 100 such as 15/100 = 0.15. Your second assignment was worth 10 percent, divided by 100 to be 0.10.

Multiply your grade by the weighted percentage (expressed as a decimal). In your first assignment, multiply 80 with 0.15 to get 12. Then multiply 70 with 0.10 to get 7 for the second; add up all your total scores to find your current weighted average grade.

Example: First quarter grade:(70 x0.10) + (80 x 0.15) = 19%.

The above is assuming that you have completed your class term and all your given assignments, tests etc. in order for the total assigned weight for each task to equal 1. In the case that there are still assignments to be completed, take the sum of your current weighted average grade and divide it by the sum of your assigned weights (still expressed as a decimal) so far in the term.

Example: From above we have 19% out of10 +15 = 25% of our weighted grade.

For example, if your current sum of weight grades equal 75 percent, but the total assigned weight of assignments you have completed only adds up to 0.8 of the course load, we will take 75 and divide it by 0.8 to get 93.75 to get your weight average grade at the moment.

How to calculate with a Point System

If assignments are graded with different point values, they are translated to be worth a specific percentage of your overall grade.

To calculate an individual percentage grade for one specific grade, divide the total number of points you received over the total number of points the assignment was worth. If you earned 28 points out of a total of 40 possible points, then your percentage is determined by 28/40 = 0.7 x 100 = 70%.

Find the specific percentage worth of an individual assignment grade by adding all the total possible points in the entire course and divide it with the total possible points of the individual assignment at hand. If a course has a total of 1000 possible points, and your test was worth 250 points, you would divide 250/1000 to find 0.25; in order words, 20 percent worth of your overall grade.

To find your average, take your total number of earned points from each assignment and divide it over the total possible points in the course. If you have earned a total of 865 points in a course with 1000 possible points, your total is 865/1000 = 0.865, translated to 86.5 percent.

Exams can be stressful enough without having to calculate what your grade is for the semester, this calculator will calculate your semester grade for a course/class and show you how to calculate your semester grade.

Generally Professors will have different ways of determining your grade. Some categories are Assignments, tests/quizzes, group projects, presentations, class attendance and of course the final exam.

It is important to know how much percentage each category in your course is worth to calculate your grade for the semester.

If you would like to find out how much you need in your final exam to reach a overall grade try final exam calculator.