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Population Density Calculator

Definition: Population Density is a measurement of the number of people living per unit of an area (e.g Square Kilometer or square mile). Therefore it is measuring the number of people in an area in relation to the area size.

This Population density calculator will calculate the population density of a specific area, all that's needed is the area size and population.

First of all, when calculating the population density you need to know the perimeter of the area, it can be the size of a country, town, city, your very own street. You need to know the total size of the area, generally, this is in kilometers or miles but can also be in meters and feet. The size of the area you would like to calculate should be available online, sometimes you may need to do some measuring yourself.

After finding out the area size you need to measure the population in the specific area, again this information should be available online. You can search the population of Toronto for example. If the information is not available you may need to count the population yourself. Once you have this information, enter it into our population density calculator.

Population Density is used around the world as a method of finding areas with a high population. There are also various advantages and disadvantages to having a high and low population density.

For a small populated area, Some advantages would be:

  • Lower cost of living
  • No rush hour(Generally speaking)
  • Lower Air Pollution
  • Almost no light Pollution
Some Disadvantages are:
  • No public transport
  • Less Jobs
  • Accessibility is worse ( A hospital may be quite far)

Some Advantages of High population:
  • More Social
  • Better Employment opportunities
  • Shorter journeys
  • Economic growth
Some Disadvantages of High population:
  • Cost of living is high
  • Traffic congestion
  • Air/ Light and Noise pollution
  • Less nature

Population density Formula: Number of people/size of the area ( example square miles)

How to Calculate population density

Example 1:
  • Let's use an example of a medium-sized town with 50,000 people living in it
  • The size of the town in square miles is 250
  • We then use the formula to calculate the density: 50,000/250 = 200
  • The population density of the town is 200 per square mile
Example 2:
  • Let's do an example with square km, we have a city with a population of 500,000 people
  • The size of the city is 115 km squared
  • We again use the formula from above (Number of people/size of area) : 500,000/115 = 4347.826.
  • The population density of the city is 4347.826 per km squared.
Wikipedia has a good list of various countries and their population densities.