Username Generator

Usernames which can also be referred to as Account name, User ID and Login ID. Many everyday applications require a user account for gaming, websites, YouTube the list goes on.

A username can help your friends find you, the more unique the username the easier you will be to find. For example, if your username is jack there may be hundreds of jacks such as jack03, jackk etc. This can make it difficult for your friends to find you, where if you have a username such as Jack the beanstalk you should be far easier to find.

Creating a username can be tiring, some users may already have the username you'd like to use and prevents you from having it. The longer the username is the likelihood of someone already using it decreases.

This Username generator will generate 5 random usernames each time you click generate. These usernames can be used for gaming such as Call of duty or for Youtube, Twitter etc