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How To calculate Games Back

Games Back Formula:((Team A wins - Team B wins) + (Team B losses - Team A losses))/2 Team A has 62 wins and 10 loses while Team B has 55 wins and 12 loses.

Using the formula above:[(62 - 55) + (12 - 10)]/2 = 4.5.
Team B is 4.5 Games behind Team A.

Definition: In the US and Canada, Games back or Games behind is a metric used to show the gap between the top team and another team in the sports league, conference or division, based on the number of games played. Differences in games played are accounted for by being considered a 50/50 winning chance, and therefore awarded with 0.5 points.

The number of wins and the number of games back does not always stay the same. For example, if Team A plays Team B and wins, Team A has a record of 1 win, 0 losses and Team B has 1 loss and 0 wins. Next up, if Team A plays against Team C and wins.

Team A now has 2 wins and 0 losses, while Team B is now 2 wins behind, but does not equate to 2 games back. Considered as a half win for unplayed games, Team B would now be 1.5 games behind from Team A. Unplayed games may also be referred to as games in hand.

The above makes it possible for a team with the most wins to not be in first position. If Team A has 54 wins and 15 losses but Team B has 53 wins and 12 losses, Team B is in front as Team A is 1/2 game behind.

By definition, the leading team is always 0 zero games behind as the moving target. It is common for games back/behind to reference the position in standing and compare one team’s record as games behind to the current leading team’s record or against the last team that would qualify for play offs.

Generally, Games back is used in baseball and basketball. If you google a conference or division in the NBA, you'll see the GB column to indicate the number of games behind the leading team. The standings are tracked based on the team’s winning percentage, shown in the “Pct” column, which you can calculate using our winning percentage calculator.