Cat Years Calculator

This Calculator will convert your cat's age to a humans age. Cats are quite different then dogs when it comes to aging as for felines, aging is fastest for the first two years of their life. A cat after one year is the human age of 15 and by age two the cat is around 24 years old. After the first two years it slows down, every 12 months is around 4 human years. This is greatly different than 7 years to one cat year which is often believed .

It should be noted that outdoor cats age more quickly then indoor cats, there is some research that suggests they age twice as fast as an indoor cat, there are many factors to take into consideration for a cats age, daily diet and the quality of the food and if they have received Veterinary care.

Note: This calculator will give you a general comparison of a cat's age converted to a humans age. As each breed of a cat varies. and may not be accurate for all breeds of cats. Animals life expectancy is usually related to its size with smaller animals having a longer lifespan. To get the most accurate comparison, see a veterinarian for the age of your pet.

Indicators of a Cats age

If you are unsure of your cat's age there various ways to help you determine their age, here is a list of methods used.

Cats Age converted to human age
Human Age Cat Age Human Age Cat Age
0 Years 0 Months60 Years 11 Years
1.5 Years 3 Months64 Years 12 Years
3 Years 6 Months 68 Years 13 Years
7 Years 1 Years72 Years 14 Years
13 Years 2 Years76 Years 15 Years
20 Years 3 Years80 Years 16 Years
26 Years 4 Years84 Years 17 Years
33 Years 5 Years88 Years 18 Years
40 Years 6 Years 92 Years 19 Years
44 Years 7 Years96 Years 20 Years
48 Years 8 Years100 Years 21 Years
52 Years 9 Years104 Years 22 Years
56 Years 10 Years108 Years 23 Years


Young cats have bright and clear eyes, while a cat with a cloudy appearance in their eyes, tearing or discharge are a sign of a cat in their later year.


An older cats coat will usually be thicker and coarser while a younger cat is generally is soft. It is also possible for an older cat's fur to change color with patches of white or gray similar to humans.


Teeth are a good indicator of a cats age, especially younger cats and kittens. Baby teeth first come between two to four weeks, by around 3-4 months permanent teeth start to appear. Therefore if you check a cats teeth and they are permanent teeth the cat is likely at least one year old. Missing teeth and tartar buildup can be an indicator of age although depending on the owner they may take good care of the cat's teeth so this method is unreliable at times.

How to Use Cat Years Calculator

Select the age of your cat and then press calculate. The Age in human years will be displayed.

Cat Years Calculator

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