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Percent Yield Calculator


Definition: Percent Yield is the percent ratio of the actual yield to the theoretical yield.

Things never go a 100 percent in the lab, many things can affect the outcome such as:

  • Spillage
  • Experimental error
    • Instruments are flawed and provides inaccurate readings
      • Example: A thermometer registers 110 instead of 100.
    • Labs surroundings lead to inaccurate results
      • Example: Experiment with material sensitive to head may be affected if the humidity in the lab is not under control.
  • Personal Error
    • Observer incorrectly reads a measurement
      • Example: Researcher reads a scale inaccurately.

The maximum amount of product that can be produced is called the theoretical yield, we then use the actual yield using the percentage yield as it tells us what percentage of the theoretical yield we obtained.

Formula: percent yield = actual yield/theoretical yield * 100%