City Names

This page will randomly display 5 city names every time you click Generate. The cities are real cities from across the world.

A city is a large settlement occupied by humans, the actual amount of people required for a settlement to be called a city varies from country to country, although many people regard a town with more than 100,000 people to be a city. Cities began being built when people stopped hunting/gathering and started herding and planting, this led to the creation of permanent homes as they no longer needed to follow animals and their migrations or search for food.

Because of this people had more free time which in turn led to the specialization of jobs, builders, farmers, pottery etc. After the specialization of jobs, came urban areas known now as cities. Often Cities are along a river or coast as that is where farming was better, hence why many capital cities throughout the world are coastal.

This generator can be helpful for picking a random city to travel to or for learning about new cities around the world.

City Name Generator