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Milligram to Milliliter Calculator

How to convert Mg to Ml

Example 1: Let's pick water for our first example. Water usually has a density of 997 `(kg)/(m^3)`, depending on temperature this can vary.

  • We want to convert 20mg of water to ml.
  • Since our density is in kg/m³ we need to convert it to `(g)/(cm^3)`, to do this we divide 997 by 1000: `(997/1000)` = `(0.997g)/(cm³)`.
  • Then we must convert milligrams to grams. We divide 20 mg by 1000: `(20/1000)` =0.02g. Now we can convert.
  • `(0.02g)/1 X (1cm^3)/(0.997g)`
  • Mulitply these accross, this makes the g cancel each other out
  • You're left with `(0.02cm³)/(0.997)` = 0.0200601805cm³. Since 1cm³ = 1ml we dont have to convert to milliliters.
The answer is 0.0200601805 milliliters

Example 2: We can skip the first 2 steps with this calculator if you wish, you can enter the density in g/cm³ and the weight in grams, just select the option.

In this example, we are using coconut oil as our liquid which has a density of `(0.924g) / (cm^3)` and we want to convert 0.05g of coconut oil to ml.
  • `(0.05g)/1X(1cm^3)/(0.924g)`
  • Mulitply these accross, again this makes the g cancel each other out.
  • You're left with `(0.05cm^3)/(0.934)`
  • Which equals 0.0541125541 milliliters

Milligram is a measure of unit that is equal to one thousandth of a gram and is a unit of mass/weight.

Milliliter is equal to one thousandth of a liter (0.002 pint) and is a unit of volume.

When measuring chemicals in water, generally, they are measured in units of the mass of chemical(micrograms, mg or milligrams) per volume of water(liter, L, milliliter.

When converting mg to ml, you can't convert mg direct to ml as mg is mass/weight while ml is volume. Therefore the density of the substance/liquid is required along with the temperature of the liquid as the temperature changes the density. Density varies from substance to substance, if you know the liquid/substance and its temperature you can find its density.

There are different measurements for the density of liquids from `(g)/(cm^3)` to `(kg)/(m^3)`. With liquids having different densities. An example of liquids having different densities in `( g)/(cm^3 )`:
Water and Sunflower Oil. Water has a density of 1 at a temperature (Celsius) of 4 while sunflower oil has a density of 0.92 with a temperature of 20 Celsius. Both have different densities with different temperatures.

If related to drug calculations, by law, every pharmacy is required to have the drug concentrations info on the label. Every drug company creates their drugs in standard concentrations.

With this Calculator you can find out the ml, by having the density in `(kg)/(m^3)` or `(g)/(cm^3)` and you may enter the weight in grams or milligram. Our calculator will handle the conversions from `(kg)/(m^3)` to `(g)/(cm^3)` and will convert milligrams to grams for you.