How to Use Friendship Calculator

Enter Two name people that are friends then press calculate. A percentage will be given on your friendship!

Friendship Calculator

Friends are an important part of life, being able to trust each other, talk and share your feelings. Many people say your best friends are your family that you get to choose. Having a friend you trust and enjoy spending time with, is one of the most outstanding things about life. Aside from family the majority of your free time is spent with your best friends. Most of the time friendships happen between people with similar interests, age and hobbies.

There are many ways a friendship can begin, meeting in school, playing sports together, gaming, work, through other friends, parties and the list goes on.You can start up an amazing friendship at the most unlikeliest of times. Best friends stick with you through the good times and the bad times, they can be extremely important in hard times to help you get through it.

Some Types of Friendships

  • Best Friend
  • Mentor
  • Family friend
  • Long Distance
  • School/Work Friends
This friendship calculator will perform a simple friendship test to calculate how compatible you and your friend are. It is purely for fun as in truth no relationship can be put to test.