How to Use Final Exam Calculator

First enter your current grade in the class.

Then Enter the grade you desire to get overall in the class

Finally enter the weight of your final exam

The percentage needed in your final exam will appear in the bottom field!

Final Exam Calculator


School exams can be difficult, especially when your final exam is coming up. After having assignments or class exams throughout the semester you may be wondering what mark you need in your final exam.

To help ease the stress this calculator will let you know what you need in your final exam to get a pass or whatever overall grade you desire.All you need is your current grade, the overall grade you desire and the weight of the final exam.

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How to calculate your final grade

Final exam Forumla:( overall grade - (100% - Weight of Final Exam)√ócurrent grade ) / Weight of Final Exam

Our current grade is 65%, with our final exam weight being 40% and we would like to get 75% grade overall.

To calculate what we need in our final exam, we use the formula above.

(75% -(100% - $40) x 65%)/40% = 90%
90% is needed in the final exam to get 75% overall grade.