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How to calculate Click through rate

Click through rate Formula: Number of clicks/Number of Impressions x 100%

Often CTR is used for comparing different ads.
Example 1:
  • We will use an advertisement as an example if we have an ad that is seen by a user this is known as an impression
  • Let's say a banner ad is viewed 500 times and we get 5 clicks
  • To calculate the CTR we use the formula above. 5/500 x 100 = 1%
  • CTR, in this case, is 1 percent.
Example 2:
  • Often CTR is used for comparing different ads.
    • Ad One: 5,000 views and clicked 45 times.
    • Ad Two: 4,200 views and clicked 20 times.
    • Ad Three: 8,000 views and clicked 120 times.
  • Comparing these 3 ads, ad three has more clicks but also more views. To find the most succefull ad we will get the CTR Rate for each ad.
  • Ad One: 45/5,000 = CTR 9%
  • Ad Two: 20/4,200 = CTR 0.48%
  • Ad Three: 120/8,000 = CTR 1.5%
  • With this, we know ad Three has the best CTR.
Click Through Rates
Impressions Clicks CTR % Impressions Clicks CTR % Impressions Clicks CTR %

Click through rate definition: Click Through Rate (CTR) is a ratio that displays how often someone that sees your page, email or advertisement, clicks it. CTR can help in measuring how your keywords and ads are performing.

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) CTR can be a very important metric as it refers to the percentage of clicks you receive divided by the number of impressions you receive. In SEO This indicates that your meta description and title match what the user is searching for. It is important to remember that a good CTR is also relative to what you're advertising and the networks you are using.

A high CTR indicates that users are finding your ads relevant and useful. CTR for banner ads has gone down over time. When they first began, it was common to have rates above 5 percent. Now they average around 0.2% CTR. Generally, a 2% CTR is very successful.

There are many factors to obtaining a better CTR, one of them is selecting the appropriate site to advertise on. For example, a fitness advertisement on a fitness blog should have a better CTR as they are related to each other. Intrusive ads are generally, avoided by users.

Email Click through rate is when links that are sent in an email are clicked, this is calculated the same way as other Click through rates. The number of clicks/number of tracked emails delivered.

When Email is used, marketers also check the open rate for the emails and the bounce rate to get a better understanding of how successful their email campaign is. Many things can affect CTR for emails, how often emails are sent, email content, time of day, the day of the week. There are many studies on tracking CTR in email marketing.